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ExpressLine Compact

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ExpressLine – Built for speed and safety

LTI’s serving counters are built to last. And our new ExpressLines are no exception.

Instead of hot wells and cold pans, ExpressLines have heated and refrigerated bays that hold wire baskets inside to contain pre-packaged meals and sides. These counter modules are an extremely fast and SAFE way to serve during the busiest meal rush.

Yes, please have a product rep contact me about ExpressLine mobile serving counters.

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    Personalize Your ExpressLine

    Watch how LTI’s modular serving carts accommodate a variety of hot and cold food dispensers. Also on offer is a milk dispenser, cashier stand and optional extras including protective shields and overshelves.

    ExpressLines come in two different body styles to fit industry standard baskets, which allows for easy loading and unloading of products. Also, several options may be added: tray slides, stainless or glass over-shelves and heated or frosted upper structures for display and serving.

    You can also upgrade the counter-tops to have solid surface and bodies finished with laminate, fiberglass and even vinyl graphics. BE FAST, BE SAFE and BE CONFIDENT with ExpressLines by LTI.