LTI’s satisfied customers have a way with words. See why our customers are our best ambassadors.

“I just went to the cafeteria to take a look and I was amazed. The work is stunning. Every graphic is beautifully designed and placed strategically around the cafeteria. The windows are simply gorgeous – I love it!!!! The painting is so well done. I am so pleased and extremely excited for my students to be able to dine in such an exquisite environment that your team created.”

Thank you!!!!
Tisha M. Durrah, Ed.D
Craigmont High School Principal

“Thanks so much! Amazing job…our staff couldn’t be more excited.”
-Shayla Bannister, Cumberland County Schools

“Everything looks great! The schools look amazing and appreciate all the hardwork by everyone! Contentnea Savannah is breathtaking and really just blew me away yesterday when I went there to see it for the first time.”
-Lenoir County Schools, NC

“LTI was very good with follow-up. They provided excellent shop drawings and were responsive to my needs. From start to finish, they were dead on. As a dealer, the biggest thing you can ask for is support. And they gave it to me.”

“In all of our years of specifying and purchasing equipment, we have not found a more quality product that is built to last than the products that are built by LTI. The chefs’ counter at Shadows on Hudson has withstood 7 years of extremely high volume and still looks all most brand new.”
-VP Bonura Hospitality Group, NY

“[LTI] is wonderful to work with and has a real sense of reality in the food industry market. They listen to our needs and wants and especially try to work within our budget.”
-Thomas County Schools, GA

“The [Quickswitch™] temperature control availability is awesome! The option to heat, cool, or freeze makes menu planning so much easier and better. I still can’t believe it.”
-Rutherford County Schools, GA

“I just want to say the job you shipped to Ft. Pierce for the Culinary School was absolutely perfect. The design and engineering was exactly what we had been looking for.”

“In the past year we have purchased three Low Temp serving lines, one for each grade level, elementary, middle and high school.  All three schools have been very pleased with the quality and flexibility of the serving lines.  The quick switch feature is by far the manager’s favorite, allowing them to go from a cold to hot line depending on the day’s requirements.  The color choices were wonderful and coordinated with our theme as well. My only regret is that I did not find Low Temp sooner, before replacing other schools with a different brand.”
–Paulette Vangellow, Director of Food Service, Pittsford Central Schools

“I want you to know that those SpecLine by LTI serving lines came in perfectly, just like we had planned, are the most beautiful red you have ever seen, and our participation jumped at least 20%!”
–Midfield City Schools, AL

“We really appreciate the new serving line. It allows our students to get through the line quickly and allows for more time to eat. That is especially important. Colorpoint’s™ bright colors, well-lit units, and attractive signage, enhances the appearance of the food and gives new energy to the program and staff. The high quality, durable equipment will be an asset to our program for years to come.”
–Johnson City Schools, TN

“My new [OnePoint™] serving counters are a dream come true. We had a very successful program in the past, but the old serving lines did not allow us to attractively merchandise our offerings. The people from Colorpoint worked very closely with me, helping me make all the right decisions. The existing space had many limitations, but we achieved more than I could have ever hoped for. The equipment is not only beautiful, but it is of the highest quality. My participation has increased by 15% and cash sales are sky-rocketing.”
–Lakeland Central Schools, NY

“Frankly, we did not have a clue as to the significant impact this new cafeteria would have on our family and community.”
–Dorchester School District II, SC

“LTI was great to work with when we wanted to update our two high school cafeterias. I just gave them a general idea of what I wanted to serve on each line, and they came up with serving counters to meet the menus. Three years after update, at our high school w/ fairly low F&R percentage, we still see participation at approx 46% higher than before cafeteria redesign.”
–Tonya L. Grier, CNP Director, Dothan City Schools, Alabama

“Wow! Talk about a total transformation of a high school cafeteria! When our school superintendent, high school principal, and I met with David at Visions last fall and discussed the possibilities of redoing our cafeteria, I had no idea that the finished product would be so impressive. The Visions staff did a tremendous job of pulling all of our ideas together and creating an atmosphere that teenagers can enjoy. Students, faculty, and parents cannot believe it is the same cafeteria. I feel certain that our breakfast and lunch participation will increase with our new look.”
–Dooly County Board of Education, GA

“I love the new look of our facilities! With the help of Visions, the staff and I are more cheerful and enthusiastic about our cafeterias. The installation team was fantastic to work with. Precision was used to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ for our satisfaction. These schools went from drab to fab almost overnight.”
–Durham Public Schools, NC

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