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VisionDesign planning and decor includes window treatment decor. Check out how these treatments help accentuate the theme of a room. Discuss your needs with our team, and we’ll go to work to design and install for you. It’s our job to engage the audience with a concept that will sustain their excitement day in and day out.

VisionDesign utilizes photography, illustration, paint and dimensional art to create a dynamic atmosphere.

What is it?

  • Signage
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture
  • Wall Graphics
  • Graphic Art
  • Dimensional Art
  • Accent Pieces and Accessories
  • Laminates, Tiles and Paint
  • Theme Packages

Contact us to start the transformation experience. The process will begin with an initial meeting to define your needs and goals. The experts at LTI will then be with you through the entire process. From the creation of a budget to a site survey LTI will be your guide. Once a design proposal is presented LTI will work through any revisions needed. From there, our experts will assist with bid specifications and then expertly install YOUR Vision.

Transform your space with VisionDesign.

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