Our tray slides are available in solid stainless steel with a “V”ridge, flat surface made with 14-gauge stainless steel; or tubular with capped ends. Solid surface tray slides are available with FlexLine and SelectLine. SpecLine tray slides are available in 3/16 ribbed or flat.

Cutting boards are available in 16-gauge stainless steel, 1-inch thick Sana-lite material and/or Richite® material at 1-inch thickness.

LTI manufactures a full line of NSF Food Protectors. All plexi-glass is bound in a stainless steel channel to prevent chipping. OEM Food Protectors are available with FlexLine, SelectLine and custom counters. They can be made with LED lighting and heat lamps, as well as tiered displays, single service and double service buffet.

Undershelves and doors with or without cylinder locks are optional in storage compartments. Our beverage tables may have dual trough drains with anti-splash grates. Hot food drains can be plumbed to common manifold. Many more options are available such as heated and refrigerated storage bases with pan slides and convenience outlets.

The options are truly endless. If you can imagine it, most likely, we can build it. Contact your local rep to get your project moving.