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Restaurant Dining Foodservice Systems

Chains of all sizes across the country trust LTI to provide food service solutions with innovative serving technologies such as QuickSwitch Hot & Cold Drop-Ins, TempestAir Refrigerated Cold Pans and Thermalwell Hot Food Wells.

Custom Restaurant Serving Counters

You can count on our team’s knowledge, expertise and solutions to help you enhance the appearance of your food and beverage offerings — all while merchandising them more effectively.

Insulated Ice Well

Serving Technologies

Each QuickSwitch hot and cold serving well is independently controlled to be hot, cold or frozen — providing the ultimate in menu flexibility and merchandising options. TempestAir refrigerated cold pans hold products in open pans at a temperature of 40° F or less, and feature patented air flow below the pan which keeps product fresh.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Why should you switch from a traditional front serving counter to a utility distribution wall? Because LTI’s UD Walls are factory engineered for consistency and cost less than custom assemblies. They’re also built from heavy duty stainless steel, not wood, and are NSF compliant construction and UL listed.

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