Daisy Chain and Load Center Info

LTI offers the option of Daisy Chain connections on our SpecLine by LTI and FlexLine serving counters. Daisy Chain refers to a wiring scheme in which multiple devices are wired together in sequence. When used with mobile or modular serving lines Daisy Chaining gives the end user a single point of connection for multiple serving counters. This connection uses a plug rather than counters being hard wired in place.

Electrical Load Centers are available on our SelectLine and Custom Counters.

Electrical Sub-Panel Load Center: Counter to be provided with Square D (or equal) UL Listed NEMA electrical load center located in stainless steel lined compartment in base of counter where indicated.Compartment to be provided with 18 gauge stainless steel double pan door. Door to be sound deadened and provided with cylinder lock and two (2) keys.

All electrical circuits to be pre-wired thru 1/2″ seal-tite conduit to load center with the proper size breaker installed. Conduit/wiring to be provided with junction box/disconnect at field joints if necessary. Each counter section to have adequate length seal-tite in order to extend to load center. All circuits to be labeled within load center. Connections to be made within the counter to the load center by electrical contractor.