How to Elevate Your Foodservice Operation with Simplicity Counters

June 21, 2023 Simplicity Counter 2

Are you looking to enhance your foodservice operation with versatile and efficient serving counters — but without exasperatingly long lead times? Our Simplicity modular counter series offers a streamlined solution that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

With readily available components, estimating, drafting, order entry and manufacturing are completed more efficiently. In fact, you can expect an approximate turnaround time of 10 weeks from approval! And with so many different options available within the Simplicity lineup, you will still have that custom-feel.

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The top six key features of the simplicity series

Too good to be true? Nope. It’s pretty ‘simple’ really! Simplicity counters are designed with ready-to-release components, allowing for a quicker turnaround time. They incorporate LTI’s innovative serving technologies and food shields, ensuring that you have everything you need to create an exceptional serving experience for your customers.

Here are the top six key features you need to know about.

  1. Shorter lead times. By utilizing in-stock, ready-to-release components, these counters can be quickly assembled and put into operation. This means that operators can have new counters setup up and running in a shorter amount of time, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.
  1. Countless options. Whether you prefer the vibrant colors and versatility of fiberglass, the Simplicity series offers over 180 color options for fiberglass and hundreds of standard laminates. You can customize your counters to match your aesthetic preferences while ensuring they are durable, sanitary and easy to clean. Whichever material you choose, you can trust that your Simplicity counter will not only look great but also provide the functionality and longevity required for your foodservice operation.


  1. Technology enabled. If you’ve come to know and love our serving technologies, like QuickSwitch, QuickSwitch Glass, ThermalWell and TempestAir, the Simplicity series can be fitted with exactly what your operation has come to rely on. Our innovative, low-maintenance solutions open up endless possibilities for menu creativity.
  1. Quick setup. With the flip of a switch, the ceramic black glass surface option can be used as a frost top or a heated surface. This versatility allows operators to easily switch between keeping cold foods chilled or serving hot dishes, ensuring that the food is always at its best.
  1. Optimal merchandising. Another advantage of Simplicity counters is the ability to maximize merchandizing. The heated black glass shelf option allows operators to serve heated grab ‘n go foods directly on the surface, keeping them hot and fresh.
  1. Flexible service. Simplicity models can be fitted with CrystalClear tempered glass food shields that can be used for full-service, self-service, or even models that can convert from full-service to self-service. This flexibility allows operators to adapt their serving style to different situations and customer preferences.

So, what ARE the many options available with our Simplicity series? Let’s check them out! (We’re betting there are more than you could even imagine!)

  • Simplicity Hot Food Counter. Our hot food counters come in four models with different body sizes and a variety of finishes, including fiberglass (offered in 180+ colors), laminate (available in hundreds of standard colors), or stainless steel. These counters feature ThermalWell hot wells with drains, eight food shield models, heat lamps, and LED lights. They also include 10″ beaded or flat stainless tray slides and an optional 6″ wide stainless cutting board/plate shelf.
  • Simplicity Cold Food Counter. Our cold food counter comes in four models with fiberglass, laminate or stainless-steel bodies. These counters include patented TempestAir Cold Pans, seven food shield models, LED lights, and 10″ beaded or flat stainless tray slides. They also offer an optional stainless cutting board/plate shelf for added convenience.
  • Simplicity Hot/Cold/Freeze QuickSwitch Counter. This series offers three models that can switch between hot, cold, and freeze functions. They come with customizable body finishes, QuickSwitch wells, TempestAir Cold Pans, seven food shield models, LED lights, and 10″ stainless tray slides. Optional features include a stainless cutting board/plate shelf and enclosed base for storage.
  • Simplicity QuickSwitch Glass Counter. Available in two models, these counters showcase LTI’s industry-leading QuickSwitch Glass. They come in a variety of body finishes and customizable options. You’ll also find seven food shield models, LED lights, and 10″ stainless tray slides. The counters offer single or double-sided configurations and the option of a stainless cutting board/plate shelf.
  • Simplicity Glass Hot Top Counter. Available in two models, these counters feature a heated ceramic glass top for efficient and stylish food presentation and various body finishes. They offer eight food shield models, heat lamps, LED lights and 10″ stainless tray slides. You can also choose a stainless cutting board/plate shelf and an enclosed base for storage.
  • Simplicity Solid Top Counter. This series offers five models with stainless steel tops. With a variety of body finishes, these counters feature seven models of food shields, heat lamps, LED lights and 10″ beaded or flat stainless tray slides. You can choose between single or double-sided configurations, and there’s an option for a stainless cutting board/plate shelf. The counters come with a standard storage base and an optional enclosed base for added functionality.

In addition to the serving counters listed above, we also offer Cashier Stations and Tray Stands. The Cashier Stations are available in two models and come with locking cash drawers, tubular footrests, convenience outlets and blank J-Boxes for data hook-up. The Tray Stands are available in an RTE model and feature lineup locks for added stability.

The Simplicity bottom line

By incorporating Simplicity counters into your foodservice operation, you can bypass potentially long lead times while providing an exceptional serving experience with the superior LTI products we are known (and loved!) for. These modular counters offer a range of options and finishes, ensuring that you can create a customized solution that aligns with your brand aesthetic and functionality requirements.

Want to learn more about Simplicity Series options? Visit our product page to download spec sheets and find additional information!