Patented QuickSwitch Technology Revolutionizes the Way Food is Served

January 23, 2018

LTI’s patented QuickSwitch technology continues to revolutionize the way food is served at hospitals, universities, QSRs, supermarkets, and corporate dining areas across the country. Due to the technological advances it offers, operators love the menu flexibility QuickSwitch provides them. Each food well is independently controlled to be hot, cold or frozen in an hour or less. QuickSwitch meets NSF4 testing criteria as well as NSF7 with pans flush to the counter (not recessed).

Regarding a recent substantial project, Thomas McArdle with TJM Consulting said, “After I introduced this equipment to the university’s chef and foodservice director, they wanted the units used throughout the servery.” He goes on to explain, “The Flex Bar, for example, can now go from a hot/cold self-serve breakfast bar to a make-your-own taco bar at lunch to an ice cream sundae bar for an after-dinner dessert.” Learn more about LTI’s QuickSwitch and how you can incorporate this technology into your next project.