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Meeting the Challenges of Modern Food Service: LTI’s TempestAir Technology

June 24, 2024

Imagine a salad bar of the past: wilted greens, inconsistent temperatures and the constant worry over food safety. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has dramatically changed, thanks to innovations like LTI’s TempestAir technology. These innovative refrigerated cold pans are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern foodservice with a perfect blend of advanced design and operational efficiency.

Why choose TempestAir refrigerated cold pans?

Superior food preservation

Gone are the days of dried-out produce and lukewarm dressings. TempestAir’s patented airflow system ensures food remains fresh and appealing, maintaining products at 40°F or below. By exceeding NSF-7 standards, TempestAir guarantees your salad bar, and all your cold food offerings, are always at their best, safe and delicious.

Fast delivery with the Quick Turn Program

Speed is of the essence in foodservice. LTI’s Quick Turn program promises delivery of standard TempestAir drop-ins within two weeks, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. This quick response helps businesses stay agile, adapting swiftly to fluctuating demands and peak service times.

Versatility and customization

Whether you run a small café or a large dining facility, TempestAir’s 12-unit drop-ins offer scalable solutions that fit your unique needs. This versatility means you can configure your refrigerated cold pans to maximize space and efficiency, enhancing the overall functionality of your food service setup. Customizable options allow for the optimal arrangement of food items, ensuring that your display is both practical for staff to manage and appealing to customers.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

TempestAir units are designed to be energy-efficient, significantly lowering operational costs while supporting sustainability efforts. This alignment with eco-friendly practices reflects the growing trend towards sustainability in the foodservice industry.

Modern design and usability

A sleek, flush food pan configuration paired with a digital thermostat makes TempestAir units both practical and visually appealing. This thoughtful design optimizes space and enhances food presentation, making your salad bar a focal point that attracts and pleases customers. The ease of use provided by the digital thermostat allows staff to maintain ideal storage conditions without constant monitoring, reducing workload and potential errors.

Forward-thinking solutions

LTI’s TempestAir technology, bolstered by the Quick Turn program, is more than just a refrigeration solution, it’s a strategic advantage in the foodservice industry. By addressing key challenges with innovative technology, LTI is helping businesses achieve greater efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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