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Unlocking Versatility: Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass is the Platinum Standard in Flexible Design, Style and Performance

July 18, 2023
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Each customer is unique. But the design challenges they face are often quite similar. With Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass serving technology, operators can showcase exciting menu choices in countless ways, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. No matter what the circumstances may be!

Each tier offers a ceramic glass surface and independent controls that provide the ability to display more items in a smaller footprint — and change from hot-to-cold in under an hour with the mere flip of a switch.

Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass addresses challenges by:

  1. Maximizing menu versatility. Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass allows for the easy rotation of limited-time offerings and last-minute menu changes, regardless of temperature.
  2. Providing vertical serving options. Going vertical with two tiers allows operators to serve more product in the same footprint. And by displaying products at different heights, vertical merchandising can improve product visibility and draw attention to specific items.
  3. Supporting convertibility. QuickSwitch design allows for the incorporation of convertible food shields that can flip from self-serve to full-serve should the need arise. In times of short staffing or higher virus risk, the flexibility to increase safety measures or serving efficiency is key.
  4. Adapting to staffing changes. With the option to switch from full-service to self-service, operators have control over customer interactions with menu choices. It accommodates understaffed or flu season scenarios and allows the offering of packaged or non-packaged items as needed.
  5. Upscaling revenue streams. Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass enables operators to create stunning displays of hot or cold menu choices side-by-side — or in a vertical display. Its ceramic surfaces feature beautifully speckled glass, enhancing the visual appeal of menu items and elevating the dining experience.
  6. Enhancing workflow efficiency. Operators can convert from a heated shelf to frost top with the flip of a switch. Vertical merchandising allows for a more streamlined flow of customers, reducing wait times and increasing overall efficiency. Choose the integration of digital menu boards and further expedite the ordering process.
  7. Seamlessly integrating into design. Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass is available in cold or hot/cold shelf designs without the need for drains, making it ideal for movable chart setups without expensive installation costs.
  8. Offering durability and exceptional warranty. LTI ensures longevity and outstanding performance with heavy-duty stainless-steel construction. QuickSwitch products are UL listed and NSF certified, easily meeting national standards. And the industry’s best warranty of 2 years parts and labor, with extended options available, offers true peace of mind.

Industries Served by QuickSwitch technology

Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass technology serves a diverse range of industries, making a significant impact on their operations and customer experiences.

  • K-12: Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass enhances participation rates by immersing students in a visual culinary experience with diverse meal options, positively impacting well-being and academic success.
  • Higher Education: Universities, like the University of Massachusetts Amherst, rely on QuickSwitch technology to optimize student experiences while improving operational efficiency.
  • Corporate Dining and Healthcare: Two-Tier QuickSwitch Glass offers plug-and-play versatility, allowing corporate cafeterias to create dynamic serving lines and overcome staffing challenges.
  • Restaurants and Grocery Stores: LTI’s serving line solutions provide chains of all sizes with innovative food service options and alternative revenue streams.

LTI is Still Changing How Food is Served

“As a company, our main goal is to continue to change how food is served, meeting the ongoing needs of our customers with excellence,” says Mike Purcell, vice president of sales and marketing at LTI, Inc. “Our consultants understand what challenges customers face on a daily basis, and we deliver superior solutions that overcome those challenges.”

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