Why should you switch from a traditional front serving counter to a Utility Distribution Wall?




Watch this interactive video to see how it works


  • Factory engineered for consistency
  • Heavy duty steel framework vs. wood
  • Saves time during installation
  • Factory can provide electrical and pre-plumbing
  • Can accommodate roll-in equipment
  • Flexibility for future upgrades or changes
  • Lower cost option than custom-built
  • NSF compliant construction and UL listed


Die wall, cutaway view


  1. 6-inch heavy duty wall framework
  2. Chase way for utilities
  3. Lift out access panels
  4. Standard 14ga stainless steel top, 11ga sub-top – optional solid surface or quartz
  5. Optional flush cold pans, hot/cold wells, dry/hot wells, and hot/cold shelves
  6. Mechanical panel for controls mounted in stainless apron
  7. Under-counter options: open to floor, storage shelves, refrigeration
  8. Optional counter front finishes available or shipped for contractor finishing
  9. Multiple food shield options

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