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TempestAir™ Cold Pans Available in 12-unit Drop-ins

March 3, 2023

As operators expand their serving operations, they may find themselves in the following situation:

An increased number of customers has forced you to make a decision: offer more of the same food or widen the selection of menu items. Regardless of the chosen path to success, often times the current number of cold well drop-ins won’t be sufficient and more will be required. This wouldn’t be a problem except that with the current configuration the operation can’t add any new drop-in units without also adding new electrical and plumbing connections required to run a second six-well unit with its own compressor.

LTI’s 12-pan TempestAir™ Cold Food Well Drop-In offers food service with up to 12 drop-ins. Moving to a single compressor unit for 10, 11 or 12-well units eliminates redundancies, while also creating additional cabinet storage space. When comparing a 12-well unit to two six-well units in terms of cost, the 12-well unit comes with a lower price tag. And because LTI offers standard model numbers for one to 12 pan units, TempestAir™ can easily be specified for your next project.

This configuration is appealing to the retail world as well as the K-12, College and University and other non-commercial markets. For more technical information on all TempestAir™ units, review the spec sheet or contact your local LTI sales representative.