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LTI Unveils Cutting-Edge Serving System Configurator

May 17, 2024
Screenshot of SimplicitySeries product configurator

LTI proudly announces the debut of its Serving System Configurator, an innovative tool that gives foodservice professionals the ability to create both Simplicity and SpecLine serving counters.

Accessible via LTI’s website, the Configurators give users the ability to render Simplicity and SpecLine counters and visualize the possibilities of their serving area. Individuals can choose from base materials consisting of molded fiberglass, laminated or stainless-steel finishes, and select from assorted sizes and layouts and even finish selections. The tool also allows users to integrate LTI’s signature serving technologies and food shields, providing them with a comprehensive suite of options to craft the perfect setup for their unique requirements. With the augmented reality feature, equipment can be viewed in real time in any given environment.

“The Serving System Configurator allows our customers to create customized serving systems effortlessly,” said Johnnie Merchant, vice president of sales and marketing at LTI. “It’s about putting the power of customization directly into the hands of our customers, manufacturing representatives, dealers and consultants. To me, it’s a game changer!”

LTI launched the Simplicity Configurator in February, which is a quick-ship product, and the SpecLine Configurator in May, further solidifying the company’s position as an industry leader in customizable foodservice solutions. LTI is committed to continuous improvement and is pleased to offer this food-serving equipment technology to the foodservice industry.

Try out LTI’s SpecLine and Simplicity Configurators.