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Yulee High School

Nassau County School District, FL

In an effort to increase participation and give students a more upscale collegiate feel Lauren Jones, Food Service Director knew the only way to achieve that vision was a major renovation of the existing space. Previously the space was a fairly standard layout with five serving lines. This is the first renovation to the building that was built in 2006. The old equipment was a mix up of unrelated pieces with all prep done in the back of the house. The end game was to offer more fresh food and food made to order. The old configuration of the space and the lines did not lend itself to the new vision.

In an effort to match what is seen outside of school in food courts and to be more like colleges Lauren visited with directors in several other districts and in two states. This lead her to an understanding of the process of renovation as well as the types of layouts, equipment, counters and décor that was available, all to ensure that the new space was “less institutional” then the previous.

Starting with the menu several stations were designed for true food court appeal. The stations are on trend and include TexMex, the Grill, Pizza, Buzz’s Deli featuring sandwiches made to order and a station featuring ‘home cooking’ called the Nest.

LTI worked with the district to provide layout and design as well as equipment and décor. Lauren took advantage of the new serving technologies incorporating several counters with QuickSwitch wells and two tired Black Ceramic Glass hot and cold food merchandisers to make her five stations as efficient and flexible as possible.

As a result of the renovation the Community’s perception of the department has changed in a positive fashion. The renovation was a great marketing piece and has garnered positive remarks from students, administrators and community.

What did LTI do that was special?
LTI gave me state of the art, top of the line equipment that is flexible and efficient. Lauren loves flexibility of quick switch. And, they provided an environment that looks and feels great.

High School with grades 9-12
ADP 700 lunches daily
Participation increased 30% post renovation

The Team
Consultant: Lauren L. Jones, Food Service Director, Nassau County, FL
Dealer: General Hotel and Restaurant Supply, Miami, FL
Rep: Eaton Marketing and Associates