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Land O’ Lakes High School

Land O’ Lakes, FL


Looking for a more collegiate feel at Land O’ Lakes High School, the School Board of Pasco County undertook a major renovation of existing space. The old space was original to the building. It featured two ‘U’ shaped serving areas and a speed line with a total of seven cashiers.

The primary goal of the design was to mimic more of a college servery, more high end than a high school cafeteria. Someplace where “the kids will feel good about dining”.  The newly renovated space converted a small storage closet into usable serving space. The resulting space keeps the seven cashiers and the two “U” shaped serverys but incorporates different serving stations into each line.

Barry Burgess, Equipment Specialist for the district, acts as the design consultant on all of the District Foodservice renovations and has worked with LTI for 10 years. Based on this long standing relationship, LTI knows what the district wants/needs and how to build it. Mr. Burgess does the initial layout and submits it to LTI. LTI then does a 3D drawing, which is presented to the architect for incorporation into the final design.

Land O’Lakes used more upscale surfaces than previous projects had. The laminate on the counter fronts was custom designed to look like reclaimed barnwood. Corian countertops that extend into tray slides and high style food shields were incorporated into the design for an upscale feel. Using QuickSwitch wells and Black Ceramic Glass merchandisers as well as refrigerated display cases keeps the look fresh and students coming back for more.

What did LTI do that was special?
Mr. Burgess said, “LTI builds a quality product the way I want it built. They don’t cut corners. And, LTI had a crew on-site to oversee the installation process.”

District managed 9-12 building
1,700 students enrolled
Six lunch entrée choices per day

Architect: HolmesHepner
Consultant: Barry Burgess, School District of Pasco County
Rep: Eaton Marketing and Associates