Thomasville Middle School, operator side of serving line

Middle School Serving Line

Thomasville Middle School, serving line detail

Middle School Serving Line

Thomasville Middle School, serving lines

Middle School Serving Line

Thomasville High School, operator side of serving line

High School Serving Line

Thomasville High School, serving lines

High School Serving Line

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When Tiffany Charles first embarked on a journey to transform her middle and high school cafeterias, she adopted an “out with the old, in with the new” approach. As nutrition director of Thomasville City Schools in North Carolina, Charles recognized the need for change not only in the cafeterias’ equipment but also in their ambiance and functionality. As such, Charles sought to collaborate with industry experts to create a modern and inviting space, ultimately offering students an enhanced dining experience.

Existing challenges

Before Charles’ tenure, the introduction of residential-style furniture and other incremental improvements in Thomasville’s cafeterias failed to meet the demands of a bustling school environment. The dining experience lacked the necessary durability for sustained student engagement. The ambiance, despite minor enhancements like wall decals, struggled to transcend the functional aspect of a traditional cafeteria.

The need for a transformative renovation was clear, extending beyond aesthetic enhancements to address fundamental issues such as furniture durability and the overall cafeteria layout, including uniformity and flow.

Solution seeking

Charles’ proactive approach involved immersing herself in research and attending industry conferences to explore innovative cafeteria designs. The objective was clear: create a modern, inviting space that resonated with the identity of Thomasville as the home of the Bulldogs. This quest for transformation led the district to Low Temp Industries (LTI), where the expertise needed for a comprehensive cafeteria overhaul was secured.

Collaborating with LTI

Working closely with Southern Food Equipment Reps, Scott Murphy and Chris Brandenburg to articulate a vision that went beyond mere functionality, the aspiration was to infuse a restaurant-like ambiance into the cafeteria space, a place that could seamlessly integrate digital signage for nutritional information while aligning with the school’s identity.

The project scope expanded beyond furniture to include refrigerated coolers, new QuickSwitch food wells and LED lighting on serving lines, creating a cohesive and visually appealing dining environment.

Implementing change

The implementation phase witnessed the seamless integration of the envisioned changes into both middle school and high school cafeterias. Thomasville worked together with LTI to navigate the complexities of the transformation. “The LTI team was fantastic. They were friendly and focused, and I could tell these gentlemen knew exactly what they needed to do,” Charles said.

The addition of digital signage not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also served as an interactive tool for disseminating nutritional information. The implementation, guided by a shared vision, created an atmosphere where the changes were not just visible but tangible, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Results and a multifunctional space

The renovated cafeterias received widespread acclaim from students and staff. Student participation improved, underscoring the success of the appealing presentation of food options and the overall enhanced ambiance. Charles noted, “The lighting on the serving line brings a new perspective. It really makes the food more appealing.” Beyond aesthetics, the changes significantly improved the efficiency of the serving lines and the variety of offerings.

Additionally, the Thomasville cafeterias now have charging stations and functional booths students can get in and out of with ease. Charles said, “It gives our students more of a college-like feel. They can come in and study before a class if their teacher allows it, or they can go and use the space at approved times.”

The project’s impact extended beyond the realm of aesthetics. The newly transformed cafeterias became multifunctional spaces, accommodating diverse needs. From student dining to community events and parent meetings, the space served as a versatile and inviting hub.

Charles emphasized, “Our goal was to have a space that was multipurpose for our district because we are so limited with conference rooms or spaces for parents to meet with principals.” The project not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a more dynamic and adaptable cafeteria space.

Providing a welcoming space

The collaboration between Thomasville City Schools and LTI not only addressed immediate challenges but also significantly improved the overall perception of the school’s food quality and dining environment.

“Just to give kids inviting spaces to make them feel like they’re important, that they are valued — it’s amazing,” Charles commented.

The modernized and inviting cafeterias now stand as a testament to Thomasville City Schools’ commitment to providing students with a positive and valuable dining experience. The journey from recognizing challenges to implementing transformative changes showcases the successful fusion of vision, collaboration and commitment to excellence.

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