Sinks, Options, and Drawers

Sinks, Options, and Drawers


Stainless Steel Fabrication

At LTI we only know how to do it well. Times have changed, but our meticulous specifications have not. Our equipment is built to last. You can hardly damage it even if you try. Check out this video – hammering a laminated stainless steel unit!

The US Navy is known for having the toughest specifications in the industry. For the past 35 years, they have entrusted LTI to meet their very exacting requirements, including 11-gauge stainless steel tops, for multiple projects.

All of our back-of-the -house and Stainless Steel Fabricated pieces are manufactured using the newest in technology including laser and plasma cutters and state of the art welding equipment.

Fabrication at LTI is not limited to Stainless Steel, our craftsmen work with a large variety of materials from solid surface and stone to wood, veneers and tile.

In addition to custom stainless, we manufacture our own hot and cold wells, heated and refrigerated merchandisers, milk coolers, ice cream freezers and more.

LTI’s standard specifications include:

  • 14-gauge throughout; sink bowl fronts, sides and back made with one sheet of stainless steel
  • Sink compartments have double-walled, 14-gauge dividers
  • Reinforced with 1/8-inch angle iron
  • Over bracing fabrication ensures that live metal does not occur

Equipment Includes:

  • Dish tables
  • Work tables
  • Pot sinks
  • Floor troughs
  • Dish and tray conveyors
  • Much more

If you can dream it, LTI can build it.