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LTI Partners with F.E.A. to Represent in CA and NV

November 27, 2018

LTI recently partnered with Foodservice Equipment Agents (F.E.A.), a foodservice equipment representative, located in Anaheim, California. The partnership will help further expand LTI’s product and service offerings in the California and Nevada markets.

In addition to selling foodservice equipment for several major brands, F.E.A. provides assistance in design and equipment testing and has certifications with Certified Foodservice Professionals, CPMR, MAFSI and ServSafe.

“We’re pleased to partner with F.E.A and are excited about the tremendous opportunity in this territory to provide food serving solutions,” said LTI’s vice president of sales and marketing, Mike Purcell. “F.E.A. is reputable for being a hard-working and conscientious group in the industry.”

While the partnership with F.E.A. was made primarily to encourage sales growth across all of LTI’s product segments, F.E.A. will also act as a contributor to LTI’s new product design processes when possible.