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Former NFL Star and Founder of VESSOL Mo Massaquoi Visits LTI for Team Event

March 29, 2024

LTI recently hosted a fireside chat titled “LTI Unified: Building Trust and Creating Opportunities.”

The event, held at LTI’s headquarters, featured esteemed guest speaker Mohamed “Mo” Massaquoi, former wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns and the University of Georgia and founder of VESSOL.

Massaquoi, renowned for his accomplishments both on and off the field, shared his journey navigating through challenges and adversities, emphasizing the pivotal role trust played in his success. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Georgia, coupled with his background as a graduate of Harvard Business School, Massaquoi provided invaluable perspectives on building resilience and fostering a culture of trust resulting in a winning team. 

Barbara Casey Lane, LTI’s CEO & Chairman of the Board and moderator of the fireside chat, shared, “This event reaffirms our commitment to growth and unity. At LTI, we’ve dedicated the past year to fostering trust and transparency. I’m grateful to be part of a team that collectively strives for improvement.” 

“We have to figure out how to share our differences and interests, so we understand one another better,” said Massaquoi. “Sometimes we don’t see beneath the surface until you take the time to see who people are.”

Joining the conversation were distinguished guests including Jonesboro’s Mayor Donya Sartor, City Manager Seddrick Hill, and President of the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce, Valencia Williamson.

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Following the fireside chat, Mo returned to LTI later in the week for an engaging session with team leads and managers, fostering collaboration and discussion (and karaoke!). This interactive session, focused on how diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skill sets produce a more cohesive, effective, winning team, further emphasized LTI’s commitment to embracing diversity and leveraging it as a strength within the organization.

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