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Coffee Bar

Holbrook High School Coffee Bar

Holbrook, Arizona

Holbrook High School recently added a coffee bar to the library, and it’s been a huge hit among students and staff. The school, which is over 50 years old, is located in the small town of Holbrook, Arizona and has a student body of 300.

In the discussions about updating the library, the idea was born to add a coffee/smoothie bar for students to enjoy as they read and study. Incorporating it would add another point of service for students to purchase coffee, smoothies and pastries.

The school coffee bar has been wildly successful. After the first 18 days of operation, the revenue from sales was $5,600. Also, the library has checked out an additional 400 books over the same period one year ago. Holbrook plans to add hot sandwiches and pastries to the menu in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for progress updates.

Manufacturer’s Rep: Corine Hunt