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4 Success Stories of LTI’s Collaborations on Projects, Big and Small

June 13, 2024

LTI’s portfolio is rich with success stories that demonstrate the transformative power of our products in schools and businesses across various industries. These case studies highlight the real-world impact and tangible benefits of LTI solutions. Let’s delve into some of these projects to see how LTI has made a difference.

Case study 1: transforming a K-12 school for optimal space and efficiency

In Sumter County, Florida, The Villages Charter School’s cafeteria was more than just a place to eat — it was the heart of student life. But with cramped quarters and aging equipment, a remodel was desperately needed.


Chef Jason Poplaski knew the challenge well. “Our old high school was not built for the number of students we’re trying to serve,” he said. The goal was clear: optimize space and upgrade equipment for the growing student body.

 Collaborative design

Working with Jim Richards, Jr. with PES Design Group and Alex Gonzalez with Eaton Marketing, the team crafted a design focused on efficiency and functionality. They worked closely to ensure every aspect of the redesign contributed to improved efficiency and functionality. The renovation’s success was evident. Now, with 600 kids coming in for lunch at once, the school is getting them through the serving line in under 10 minutes.

Menu expansion

The menu also saw a transformation with more than 28 menu items at the high school daily. The introduction of fresh fruits and vegetables and LTI’s QuickSwitch hot-cold wells resulted in a diverse and temperature-perfect selection for students.

Impact and feedback

The feedback? Overwhelmingly positive. Students now navigate the space with ease, enjoying the expanded menu. Before, a lot of high schoolers simply wouldn’t eat because they didn’t want to navigate through the crowds. Now, they feel they can easily access what they need, which has been a significant improvement.

Case study 2: reimagining an outdated corporate cafeteria

Welcome to Altria’s headquarters in Richmond, VA, where hundreds of employees once faced a lackluster lunch in a dated cafeteria.


“The servery was just limited,” explained Matt Daley of Davella Studios. Altria needed a modern space to keep employees on campus, serve trendy foods, and boost satisfaction.


Enter a multi-million-dollar renovation with LTI at the helm. The new cafeteria boasts diverse serving areas: pizza, grill, poke, sushi and more. Plus, a “test kitchen” and a chic beverage bar. LTI’s custom millwork and QuickSwitch glass wells brought this vision to life.


“We had some interesting challenges,” admitted Taylor Smart of Victor Products. But LTI’s responsive team and innovative solutions, like built-in refrigeration, made it a success. Now, Altria’s employees enjoy a transformed dining experience with the flexibility to switch up their meal choices daily.

Case study 3: transforming a traditional Thai restaurant into a dynamic food court experience

Chow Thai, a beloved family restaurant in Wilmington, NC, has undergone a stunning transformation. Embracing modern dining trends, it has shifted from traditional full-service to a dynamic food-court style.


Owner Larry O’Connor reimagined Chow Thai with a counter-service twist. Customers now order, watch their meal’s creation and pay in one seamless flow. The challenge? Crafting the perfect counter to anchor this new experience.


Enter Chris Brandenburg and LTI’s custom counters. The renovation, completed in August 2020, not only refreshed the décor but also introduced three innovative counters featuring energy-efficient hot wells, frost-top shelves for sushi and a sleek cashier stand. Red laminate and LED lights now enhance the ambiance, while glass-topped food protectors display the cuisine.


The remodel has propelled Chow Thai into a new era. Ready-to-serve dishes complement the traditional menu, meeting the surge in takeout demand. “The weight, the workmanship — it’s all built to last,” praised Brandenburg. With individual temperature controls and easy maintenance, Chow Thai’s future looks as bright and dependable as its new counters.

Case study 4: streamlining flow, efficiency and food variety at a university with speed

The Bear’s Den at the University of Maine has undergone a stunning transformation. Within only 13 weeks from May to August, the renovation team worked miracles.

Renovation goals

The goal? To enhance the dining experience by improving flow, efficiency and food variety in the once dark and overcrowded space.


The serveries’ layout was reimagined. Ancho and Sushi stations moved to the wall, clearing the floor and preventing the chaos of intersecting queues. The result? A spacious 5,400 sq. ft. servery and a supportive 4,200 sq. ft. kitchen.

Technology impact

LTI’s QuickSwitch technology revolutionized the menu, allowing food wells to change temperature rapidly. The Flex Bar exemplifies this, transitioning from a breakfast spot to a taco bar, and then to an ice cream sundae station.


Glenn Taylor, UM’s Dining Services Director, noticed immediate improvements. “It’s brighter, lines are shorter, service is faster,” he said. The new servery now manages 2,200 transactions daily, a significant increase, with check averages up by $0.50. This renovation isn’t just a facelift; it’s a leap toward a first-class dining experience.

The case studies outlined above underscore the tangible benefits of LTI’s collaborations across various industries. From optimizing space and efficiency in educational settings to modernizing dining experiences in corporate cafeterias and restaurants, LTI’s innovative solutions have consistently delivered real-world impact. Whether it’s streamlining operations, enhancing menu diversity or revolutionizing technology, LTI remains a steadfast partner for businesses seeking to drive positive change and achieve lasting success.

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