Introducing New Utility Distribution Wall by LTI

Why Change From a Traditional Wall Design to a Die Wall Design? How Can This Benefit Me?


  • Consistency in design
  • Saves time during installation
  • Factory can provide all electrical and pre-plumbing
  • Designed pockets for roll-in equipment
  • Flexibility for future upgrades or changes
  • Lower cost option than custom


Die wall, cutaway view


  1. Unlimited food shield options
  2. Built in or drop-in: flush cold pans, hot/cold wells, dry/hot wells, and hot/cold shelves
  3. Standard 14ga top, 11ga subtop
  4. Mechanical panel for controls
  5. Base Options: open to floor, storage shelves, refrigeration
  6. 14ga s/s standoff panel covered with laminate plastic
  7. No back behind hinged standoff for access to mechanical chase way
  8. Lift out access panels
  9. Chase way for utilities


Get free installation on purchase of your first die wall. Call 1-888-584-2722, or complete the form below, for more details.

Diewall flyer

Offer FAQ

Q: Does the installation include mechanical final hook up?
A: Installation includes the counter and connections of the counter items only. Final hook ups should be done by licensed trades.

Q: What if I buy 10 Die Walls? Do I get free installation on all of them?
A: Installation is for one location in the U.S.

Q: What if the single location has more than one Die Wall? Will LTI install all the counters?
A: Yes, the installation covers all Die Walls to single location.

Q: How long is this offer good for?
A: Drawings need approval by the end of December 2019. Job installed prior to February 20, 2020.

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