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School Milk and Ice Cream Coolers

LTI manufactures Milk Coolers and Ice Cream Freezers in-house. All units are built to UL and NSF standards and will bear appropriate seals of approval.

School milk coolers are available with open front, hinged lids or sliding tops. Ice Cream units are available with hinged lids. A combination Milk Cooler/Ice Cream Dispenser is also available.

Yes, please have a product rep contact me about LTI’s milk and ice cream dispensers.

    LTI UL- and NSF-certified Milk Coolers and Ice Cream Freezers in-house.

    LTI’s R&D department spent years developing the most efficient and effective Milk Coolers on the market. The newly designed blower system improves air circulation to ensure consistent temperatures throughout the cabinet.

    LTI’s Ice Cream merchandiser is developed to hold frozen ice cream and novelties at a temperature of -10° F. The refrigeration system utilizes a full surround of cold air and includes a cold wall partition between baskets. Ice Cream merchandisers are also available as drop-ins.