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LTI on ‘Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid’ Gets Distribution Date  

June 26, 2024

Jonesboro, GA – June 26, 2024 – LTI, Inc., leading manufacturer and designer of modular and custom serving systems, advanced technologies and decor, is thrilled to announce its upcoming feature on the documentary series “Viewpoint,” hosted by Dennis Quaid. This special segment will be distributed to Public Television affiliates the week of July 15, with specific air dates and times determined by the network programmers and affiliate stations.

In conjunction, LTI will also be featured in a new commercial beginning July 3 on Fox Business Network.

The documentary, filmed at LTI’s facility and Jonesboro High School in Georgia, highlights the innovative solutions LTI brings to school cafeterias. Students and staff eagerly participated, showcasing the modern serving areas and healthy menu options.

LTI’s commitment to enhancing school nutrition and cafeteria infrastructure is a focal point of the documentary. The company’s advanced foodservice technology and modern cafeteria designs are geared towards improving the student dining experience.

“Viewpoint” is known for its educational content on various subjects, especially in business and technology, and it reaches more than 60 million households across the country. The program provides a platform to showcase LTI’s impactful contributions to school cafeterias.

The documentary also addresses the challenges faced by school cafeterias, such as rising costs and supply chain issues. It emphasizes the importance of social interaction, student enjoyment, and healthy food options in achieving nutritional goals, and highlights how LTI’s solutions can address these challenges.

Furthermore, the feature discusses the need for efficient cafeteria layouts to maximize students’ lunch periods, allowing for more relaxed and social dining experiences. LTI’s solutions, including Grab and Go Carts, QuickSwitch technology, and VisionDesign services, are presented as effective strategies to enhance the quality and variety of school meals.