LTI ExpressLine and new ExpressLine Compact support mobile serving

June 18, 2020 New ExpressLine Image Only 1

LTI, Inc. is proud to offer expanded availability of ExpressLine and to introduce ExpressLine Compact. Both mobile serving solutions are ideal for all types of dining operations where traditional serving may be suspended or limited for months to come.

expressline compact 1ExpressLine counters offer both heated and refrigerated bays where wire baskets hold pre-packaged menu items. Sliding lids provide fast access to ready-made meals to accommodate busy serving periods.

Mounted on heavy-duty casters, ExpressLine counters can be transported throughout a facility to deliver meals directly to customers. ExpressLine hot and cold bays can remain at safe holding temperatures for up to two hours before needing to be plugged in.

ExpressLine can be outfitted with a number of options to increase capacity and add flexibility, including tray slides, stainless or glass over-shelves, and heated or frosted upper structures for display and serving. A refrigerated drink station and POS unit, with available vertical screen protector to support social distancing, can be included to create a comprehensive meal center.

ExpressLine Compact, developed specifically as a fast solution for facilities adapting for safety in the wake of COVID-19, offers the same food holding benefits of the larger model but with a smaller size for ease of transport.

Available with a push handle and removable lids, ExpressLine Compact units can be quickly loaded with hot or cold foods and rolled to a destination such as a school hallway, an office courtyard or other location to distribute meals.

ExpressLine and ExpressLine Compact bodies can be customized with laminate, fiberglass or vinyl graphics.

Previously limited in availability, ExpressLine is now available for nationwide distribution. See a video of ExpressLine in action.