New Dual-Temp Hot/Cold ExpressLine from LTI expands mobile and remote serving options

September 22, 2020 LT 0088 SPEEDLINE DOUBLE OPTION 03

LTI, Inc., a leading manufacturer of serving counters and technology, has expanded its line of compact, mobile serving counters with the new Dual-Temp HOT/COLD ExpressLine Compact.

The Dual-Temp Hot/Cold ExpressLine serves as two units in one, offering two bays for hot foods and two bays for cold foods. This offering makes it possible for schools, offices or other busy operations to serve hot foods from one side of the unit and cold foods or drinks from the other side, providing total meal flexibility in one convenient unit.

Ideal for serving individually wrapped or prepackaged meals and sides, the Dual-Temp Hot/Cold ExpressLine is mounted on heavy-duty casters and can be easily transported to wherever customers are and plugged into the nearest standard outlet. The heated and refrigerated bays are designed to hold industry-standard baskets and can maintain safe holding temperature for up to two hours without needing power.

“This equipment really helps operators of all kinds diversify their feeding programs beyond the four walls of the traditional cafeteria,” said Mike Purcell, LTI VP of sales and marketing. “Whether in an office building, hospital or school, ExpressLine can multiply dining options in a safety-conscious, COVID-responsible way.”

These 72-inch ExpressLine counters can function as stand-alone meal stations or can be coupled with another unit to create a larger, full-service line up. Dual-Temp Hot/Cold ExpressLine counters come standard with stainless steel sliding lids, but see-through acrylic versions are also available.

Other options include a vertical acrylic barrier for separation between server and diner, drop-down end shelves, a push handle for ease of mobility, an over-structure with shelves for additional holding space and more. Unit bodies can be customized with laminate and stainless steel body, fiberglass panels or vinyl graphics over stainless steel. The ExpressLine line includes compact and standard-size units that are exclusively hot or cold for more specialized needs. For more information on all ExpressLine offerings or to see a video of ExpressLine in action.